Official Selections for Freshflix Spring 2016 Season

(Originally posted on 4 October, 2016)

Holy chirping tweetybirds - SPRING HAS SPRUNG! We have an outstanding array of local and international films screening in less than two weeks, so make sure you grab a ticket so you don't miss out on this cinematic spectacular! 

Now throw on your finest paisley cottons and feast your eyes upon the Official Selections for Freshflix Spring 2016 Season...

Big City

Live Action, Drama (Australia)

Director: Jordan Bond & Lachlan Ryan

Website (facebook)

Vijay, a lonely taxi driver who recently moved to Melbourne, picks up a stray drunk, Chris. Vijay's distrust is slowly broken down as Chris befriends him. Over the course of the night Chris experiences some of Vijay's nightly troubles, and Vijay learns to see the city in a new light.


Leroy's Dream

Live Action, Comedy (Australia)

Director: Josh Sambono


Leroy, an Indigenous outcast from pre-colonial Australia, tries to prove himself as a hunter and accidentally slips into a portal that leads to the modern day.



Live Action, Comedy (Uruguay)

Director: Cristhian Orta

Alfredo wants to break up with his girlfriend but has difficulty because he is afraid of her.



The Plover

Animation (Australia)

Director: Klutch Kable

It is 1977 in the suburbs. A time when cool t-shirts ruled and jumping on Angie Primarano's trampoline was the only thing on Henry Arthur Henry's mind. A lone Plover stands in the way of Henry Arthur Henry's dreams and hopes.




Live Action, Comedy (Germany)

Director: Jean-Luc Julien


A man struggles to overcome his nervousness with women in a bar when he stumbles upon words of wisdom in the bathroom.




Live Action, Sci-Fi Romance (Australia)

Director: Harrison Bailey & Ryan Hales

A cleaning robot attempts to win the affection of human girl.


Blood, Sweat and Tears

Live Action, Comedy/Mocumentary (Australia)

Director: Gemma Thornton


A comedy short film about Edmund and Stella. Edmund is a vampire. Stella is not. Together they face the regular struggles of any couple, some normal and some not so normal. To add pressure to the situation Edmund is also trying to cope in a world that has increasingly forgotten about vampires, and now obsessing over zombies.



Live Action, Thriller (Germany)

Director: Iván Sáinz-Pardo

Website (Vimeo)

Dawns. A baby breaks the silence.


One More Cup Of Coffee

Live Action, Comedy Horror (Russian Federation)

Director: Alexander Gavrilov


A story about an ordinary clerk, who overstayed at work. He decides to have a coffee before leaving, but it seems that this cup may be his last...


Chinese Treachery

Live action, Comedy (United Kingdom)

Director: Jake Balfour-Lynn

A Chinese exam veers off-syllabus when Jenkins discovers George's extra curricular activities...



Animation, Sci-Fi Drama (Australia)

Director: Radheya Jegatheva

An astronaut by the name of Orion is lost in space. All alone, he wonders where he is and what he should do. He comes across Aurora, another astronaut who is in the same predicament. They set off across the universe together on an epic journey in the quest to 'Find Home'.

Will they find home?



Live Action, Comedy (Australia)

Director: Aaron Ellis

Website (IMDb) and Facebook

It is 1999 at West Meadows Primary School and the marble craze has hit an all time high. Maxy, through his good sense of judgement and likability has scored himself a decent marble collection and has become a force in the sandpit. School bully Plugga catches wind of Maxy's growing collection and the fact that it is beginning to threaten his position as marble leader. With this newfound knowledge, Plugga devises a plan to stop Maxy in his tracks. Will Maxy overcome Plugga or will he fall victim to his antics like so many before him?



Live Action, Drama (Spain)

Director: Alvaro Rodriguez Areny


World War II. Arthur, British Royal Air Force pilot, flees cross-country after his plain crashes. He begins a fight for survival in which he will encounter more than German enemies.



Live Action, Drama (Spain)

Director: Enrique Buleo

Decorosa keeps a skeleton costume in her bedroom closet, between the nightgowns. That's what love is about.


Me, Baby and the Alligator

Charcoal Animation (Canada)

Director: Jean Faucher

Website (facebook)

A young couple lives in their old truck with a full sized alligator. When they stop to eat at a roadside cantina in rural Mexico, the Colonel who runs the town takes a threatening interest in the lady, which he comes to regret when he meets the couple’s traveling companion. The form is magic realism.


The Good Son

Live Action, Drama (United Kingdom)

Director: Tomisin Adepeju

Website (twitter)

A young Nigerian man is forced to address a secret he has harboured from his parents during a traditional, family gathering.



Live Action, Action Drama (USA)

Director: Patrick Green

A colorful day in the secret life of a budding graffiti artist.


Invisible Point

Live Action, Dance (Iran)

Director: Tanin Torabi

Dance is prohibited in Iran. While it is told to be a sin, still there are many dancers dancing with passion and have not been seen, they bear the restrictions and still are dancing.


Peak Phosphorus

3D Animation, Drama (Switzerland)

Director: Michael Mehring

Website (facebook)

Before we run out of gas, we will have no more phosphorus for industrial agriculture. No fertilizer, no crops! And in 300 years meatware is history...


Balloon Ride

Clay Animation, Drama (Australia)

Director: Evan Hughes

The story follows a young boy who is part of a dysfunctional family. He and his mother are victims of domestic violence inflicted by the father. The boy dreams of escaping with his mother, only to wake up to a tragic reality.



Live Action, Drama Romance (France)

Director: Tibo Pinsard

Website (facebook)

Hollywood, 1952. Henry Corso performs a costumed gorilla on horror movies and adventure movies. For Jungle Jenna, he must terrorize the leading actress lost in a fake jungle. But scaring the woman he desires is going to be particularly tricky for the gorilla man.



Live Action, Drama (United Kingdom)

Director: Factory Fifteen


In a post-nuclear future, when the earth is riddled with radiation, a new urban developer proposes to regenerate the cities back into civilisation. GAMMA sets out to stabilise the atomic mistakes of yesteryear for the re-inhabitation of future generations. Using its patented 'Nuke-Root' technology; part fungi, part mollusc, GAMMA intends to soak up the radiation and remove it from the irradiated
cities, rebuilding them in the process.



Live Action, Music Video (Australia)

Created by: Frothpocalypse x Daniel Saboune


Question: How do you tell if somebody owns a Dyson Vacuum cleaner? Answer: They'll tell you.

Is it the high functioning suction prowess of these futuristic appliances? The sleek ergonomic design? Or merely the fact that they are very very expensive? Either way, if you know somebody who's got one, chances are you've heard about it.

The Frothpocalypse team who last brought you "Accidental Dickhead" is back with a brand new music video celebrating the magnificent suburban status symbol that is the Dyson.

The video raises the pertinent question: why has nobody ever actually paid full price for one of these? Sit back and enjoy these heavy beats - the suburban jam of the summer.


Well that's the lot, our next haul of stunning filmmakers. If you are a Sydney artist or musician and you'd like to be involved in the next event, make sure you get in touch with us. If you're a filmmaker and missed out on entering this season, click here to learn more about submitting a film next time.

Interested in attending as a guest? Hurry up, seats are limited!


Freshflix film festival is back for our 3rd season, this time across two stellar locations. Feast on excellent indie films, live music, visual art, good food and FREE POPCORN!! 


REDFERN - 6pm Friday October 14th
Live music by Aly Stringfellow / Ross Henry / AuxJax DJs
Food by Shiso Fine food truck. BYO. 
*Secret warehouse location*

NORTHERN BEACHES - 7pm Saturday October 15th
Live music by The Realmers
Delicious 4Pines brews & pizza pockets
4 Pines Brewery Truck Bar, 9-13 Winbourne Rd Brookevale


Written by Claudia Pickering