How You Can Support Australian Independent Film

(Originally posted 15 May, 2016)

In a time when governmental funding cuts for the Arts are rife (thanks, Mal), it’s up to you, the punter and the creator, to support what you want to see more of in your local community.

'Going local' shouldn’t stop at your grocery shopping habits, it can have a huge impact on the film and arts space as well. Generate some good karma for your neighbourhood! With benefits like strengthening and creating jobs while building community, your local support can extend far beyond the fruit and veg section.

Supporting your local filmmakers and storytellers is not only a great way to put your hometown on the silver screen, but more importantly, build a community that supports and sustains the arts for future years to come.

Here's a couple of easy ways on how you can support Australian independant film. 

Get your browser bookmark finger ready.

1. Get Informed.

Knowledge is power. If you know who to follow and where to look, you can be queued into all that is happening in the Aussie independent film scene.  Blogs like Two Thousand have a finger on the pulse of Sydney’s arts scene, while the AU Creative Network branches all over this big brown land. Organizations like FilmInk, and Picha Magazine provide a plethora of locally focused indie film news and content. Additionally, following film schools like AFTRS are great resources as well… Rest in peace, Metro Screen.

2. Go to Indie Cinemas.

There's a number of excellent Independent cinema's plopped across this beautiful continent on a mission to showcase Australia's best independent film, and screen talented, up-and-coming Australian filmmakers. Atop our list is the beachside establishment that is the Avoca Beach Picture Theatre. Too far? Check out showtimes at The Dendy in Sydney's Inner West (more in Sydney here) or Cinema Nova in Melbourne, and there’s a pretty sweet list of the nation-wide network here. Or, check out our exclusive list of Sydney Cinemas we reckon are tops. 

3. iTunes & Netflix… and OzFlix

You don't have to go to the theatre to support Australian indie film. Hell, you can rent or stream it from you living room right now. Jump on iTunes and rent an Aussie classic like The Castle or The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Or, check out this deep list of streaming options currently available on Netflix.

OzFlix is set to launch this year, a streaming platform for Aussie-only films… Exciting times ahead!

4. Make Films Yourself.

What better way to support local indie filmmaking than by making films yourself? None. Literally there is no better way. If you haven't heard, people are shooting films on iPhones these days, so not having a camera is no longer a good excuse. Whether your goal is to shoot feature or short, animation or documentary, getting your hands dirty and asking for help within the community with your or someone else’s project is a great way to give back. Budget conscience? Check our recent blog post on how you can shoot a feature film for under $5000.

5. Go to Indie Film Festivals.

And if you're making films, you better be entering them into film festivals! You don’t want your film to become the proverbial ‘tree falling in the woods’... wait, did it even happen?!

Thankfully, there are a number of options within Australia that will give you some great opportunities to share your work. Events like the Sydney Underground Film Festival and the Melbourne Underground Film Festival are a couple of mainstays worth mentioning.  Our festival, FreshFlix Film Festival, is *magnificent* option if you’re looking for a community-driven event focused on bringing film and arts to unique neighborhood locations near you. Sound like something you can dig? Click here to join our exclusive invite list.


So there you have it, stick it to Malcom with this variety of ways on how you can support Australian independent film.   

Header photo by Photo: Glenn Lockitch

Post by Nick Dzienny