A Quick Squizzy at Our Inaugural Official Selections

(Originally posted 18 May, 2016)

With our second event just around the corner, we thought it'd only be appropriate if we were to celebrate our last and all the incredible people that contributed to it. In case you don't remember, we had a bitchin' time. 

Let's take a quick squizzy at the official selections from our inaugural event held in Freshwater, NSW back in April 2016. 

Sval & Bard - 10 Rules to Survive in the Arctic

Narrative Animation (Italy)

Director: Daniele Di Domenico, Marco Falatti, Giacomo Agnetti & Gianluca Lo Presti


Ten innovative and comedic stop-motion short films. These shorts explain to Svalbard Island‘s visitors 10 golden rules they must respect to keep themselves safe and to preserve this fragile and unhospitable environment.  Two trolls, a couple polar bears, tons of laughs,  and a pinch of danger are packed into this hilarious guide for unprepared tourists.



Experimental (Australia)

Director: Natasha Cantwell


'Claws' is part of an ongoing series exploring the artist’s personal sense of wonder and unease around the aesthetic qualities of meat. Shot on 16mm film, this work was inspired by 1970s educational science films, craft books and Sesame Street.


The Surgeons

Live Action Narrative (Netherlands/USA)

Director: Siar Sedig


Tom, and Andy are two splendid surgeons that you won't find in your local hospital. They work hard, fast, and extremely precise, and with the right touch of music, and a good sense of humor they'll be gone before you know it.


The Man and the Trees

Narrative Animation (Hungary)

Director: Dani Pucz & Constantinos Terlikkas

Website (Facebook)

Based on a one minute short tale by Hungarian folk writer Gaspar Heltai. A story of a man, who goes out to the forest to ask for a stick, a story about true nature of manhood.


How To Ride Bitch

Live Action How-To

Director: Alex Vivian & Cris Balmaceda


When you’re a man, it’s awfully hard to look cool on the back of another man’s bike. An unceremonious position referred to as “riding bitch.”


Switch Man

Narrative Animation (Taiwan)

Director: Hsun-Chun Chuang & Shao-Kuei Tong

Website (IMDb)

In a normal quiet Sunday, Dr. Evil Mantis attacted K-City unexpectedly with his gigantic claw, the entire city in panic and in danger. At the very critical moment, one young man stood out and fight the Dr. Evil Mantis. This is the moment for the hidden superhero, and his secret power is about to turn this chaos upside down. The Legend is about to begin…

Check out the trailer here. 


Golden Boy

Live Action Documentary (Netherlands)

Director: Thalia de Jong


Golden Boy is a prize winning guinea pig, with quite the elaborate hair routine. In preparation for his shows, Golden Boy is groomed to perfection by his breeder.


Dead Friends

Narrative Animation (Canada)

Director: Changsik Lee


Decades after a mysterious incurable zombie virus spreads throughout the world mankind is in danger of going extinct.

Among the infected there is an old zombie and a dog that remains loyal to his master and hopes he will become human again one day.


Imagining Time

Student Animation (Australia)

Director: Jelena Sinik


Adapted from the poem 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock' by T. S. Eliot, Imagining Time is designed in a split-screen format. The animation combines notions of the disruption of the everyday; magical realism and surrealism with the themes of isolation, introversion and passivity from the poem.



Live Action Narrative (Australia)

Director: Claudia Pickering


Things are heating up, and it’s not just the casserole... Louise is invited to bring a dish to a ladies’ brunch and eagerly seizes the opportunity to put to rest her microwave dinner reputation. Her attempt to impress and outwit the other brunch guests results in an acute and disastrous descent in table etiquette. Starring Emma Leonard and Adam Spencer.


Prototypes Productions Block

Narrative Animation (France)

Director: Nicolas Bianco-Levrin


Mars 3752: A little boy looks at stars dreamer. Such a falling star, cosmonaut's helmet which falls of the sky. The future of the boy seems all mapped out.

The Chimney Sweep (Le Ramoneur): A chimney sweep works on the roofs of Paris. A strange surprise goes out of the chimney. His life will be changed it for ever.

TripBook: A pirate escaped from a flipbook is pursued by his creator. On the drawing board or in the city, the pursuit is wild.



Experimental Animation (United Kingdom)

Director: Harriet Francis Croucher

Based on personal experiences and insights, this film explores one of the last great taboos: mental illness. It examines the realities of mania and psychosis, and the way in which society defines and denigrates people by their disabilities.


Acid Love

Surf Film (Australia)


Director: Blake Lindley


Audience Choice Award: Potluck, Claudia Pickering , Claudia Pickering

Best Comedy Award: How to Ride Bitch, Alex Vivian & Cris Balmaceda, Alex Vivian & Cris Balmaceda

Best Animation Award: Imagining Time, Jelena Sinik, Jelena Sinik

Best Surf Film Award: Acid Love, Blake Lindley

Best Lead Performance: Craig 'Swellnet' Brokensha, Heaps Exclusive

Best Lead Performance: Nick 'Klaus' Dzienny, Heaps Exclusive

Best Supporting Performance: Lily Serna, Potluck                                                                                                   

Best Supporting Performance: Lauren Jones, Potluck

Best Musical Performance: Mark Harding

Best Cinematography Award: Tristan Fitzherbert-Smith, Potluck

Best Dressed Award: Annie Hamilton

Best Audience Member Award: Dee Lewin

Well there you have it, a look at our award winning filmmakers, actors, musicians, and more. As mentioned, our second event is set to be held just up the road in the beautiful Hunter Valley and we are currently taking submissions! Filmmaker? Click here to learn more about submitting a film. 

Interested in attending as a guest? Hurry up, seats are limited!