Official Selections for Freshflix Winter 2016 Season

(Originally posted on 18 June, 2016)

Although the weather says otherwise, winter is in fact here and that means we're gearing up for our next event! We have an incredible slate of local and international films, so make sure you sign up to find out where and when the event will be held! 

Now chuck on your winter woolies and feast your eyes upon the Official Selections for Freshflix Winter 2016 Season...

Midnight Walk

Live Action, Pop Thriller (Australia)

Director: Mathilde Nocquet

Website (instagram)

Midnight, hidden by sunglasses and a badass vinyl disguise, a mysterious brunette is looking for her victim. Plunged into darkness, a car park is the stage of her next murder.




Live Action, Comedy (Australia)

Director: David Hansen


An amusing analogy on modern love through the eyes of one of its latest victims.


Motorbike Jazz

Live Action, Comedy Drama (USA)

Director: Tim Scott

Motorbike Jazz tells the story of a young man named King (Rane Jameson) and his life racing motorcycles out in the wilderness surrounding Las Vegas. King has one problem though, his girlfriend Ruby (Worthy Goodman) has just decided it might be time for them to break up. Will he crash and burn or will he find a way to move on? Set to original jazz music by Darryl Brenzel, Motorbike Jazz tells a familiar tale in a brave new way.



Live Action, Comedy (Australia)

Director: Venetia Taylor


Josh is in Venice, Mum is in Sydney. Josh doesn't understand backpacking, Mum doesn't understand Skype.



Live Action, Comedy (Australia)

Director: Hayden Bevis

Website (Vimeo)

Fish and chips is easy. Well it was. Nick comes to terms with the passing of his favourite Fish 'n' Chip shop owner.



Live Action, Foreign Drama (Italy)

Director: Adriano Giotti

Samuele’s job is to kill chickens. In his early thirties, he is the only Italian working in that sector of a huge food company. Every day, eight hours a day. And he hates immigrants. At the same time he desperately needs the job. He will do whatever it takes to keep the only important thing in his life close to him: his six year old son Elvis. When a young Senegalese colleague saves his life something breaks in him. Because to be in debt to someone he hates is the worst thing that could happen to him.


Gubbament Man

Live Action, Comedy (Australia)

Director: Tristan Savage


Frederick Alford, a forty-five year old Indigenous man working for the Australian Department of Discrimination Prevention, is in the middle of an interview with a documentary film crew. When his teenage daughter Kyeema shows up at the office, he is only too keen to get her involved.


Life's A Drag

Live Action, Drama (Australia)

Director: Robin Queree


Two old drag queens making up for a final show and pondering on life.



Live Action, Action Sci-Fi (Australia)

Director: Christian Kennedy


Two corporate men meet in a cafe for a business deal, but things aren’t quite what they seem.



Sugar Rush

3D Animation, Action Comedy (France)

Director: Reno Armanet


Bibi and Nono are two kids who are chasing through the streets of Marseille to retake a lollipop.


Lying Women

Stop Motion, Experimental (Australia)

Director: Deborah Kelly

Website (facebook)

Reclining nude female figures from the western canon of art history escape from centuries of servitude to the colonial heteropatriarchy and form a revolution.



One Man's Loss

Live Action, Drama (USA)

Director: Philip Sansom


A beautifully cinematic comedy drama, set on the blistering streets of downtown LA during a summer heatwave. A shoeless vagabond is fatefully thrown the chance at a new life, after treading on a piece of glass outside the apartment of an arguing couple.



Live Action, Drama (Iran)

Director: Saman Hosseinpuor


An old couple are living in an apartment, the man is sleeping and the woman is doing housework. The lady wants to change the fish tank’s water but it slips out of her hand and falls on the ground. They've ran out of water and there’s no water for the fish. But with the help of the man they find water for it.


Rangi in Tassie

Live Action, Surf (Australia)

Director: Richard James

Website (imdb)

A short film that follows a longboarder on some dreamy rides off the coast of Tasmania.


Accidental Dickhead

Live Action, Comedy Music Video (Australia)

Director: Claudia Pickering


Ever tried to help someone out, but ended up burning someone else in the process?


Star Child

Live Action, Drama (Australia)

Director: Christian Kennedy


‘Aera’, a young blind girl escaping a doomed star freighter finds herself marooned in an escape pod running out of air. Guided by the only other survivor from the ship’s wreckage (a badly damaged medical droid), she must locate a nearby undamaged escape pod to seek refuge until a rescue ship arrives.


The Furious Beggar

Live Action, Action Drama (Republic of Korea)

Director: Bowon Kim


After a homeless woman witnesses a string of kidnappings, she must become her own brand of superhero when the police fail to believe her.


Days Without Accident

3D Animation, Drama (Germany)

Director: Theresa Latzko

Two scientists find that saving the planet is a surprisingly dull occupation.



Live Action, Drama (Australia/New Zealand)

Director: Yun Phua

Website (facebook)

A short film that plays out like a dream: a girl walks home alone after a night out partying while her younger sister waits up for her and a space shuttle floats away into space.


bus knight

The Bus Knight

Live Action, Drama (Australia)

Director: Tony Walsh

Website (Twitter)

A mysterious stranger saves an inner-city bus ride from the tyranny of a bogan hijacking. 


Well there you have it, our next crop of stellar filmmakers. If you are a Sydney artist or musician and you'd like to be involved in the next event, make sure you get in touch with us. If you're a filmmaker and missed out on entering this season, click here to learn more about submitting a film next time.

Interested in attending as a guest? Hurry up, seats are limited!


Written By Claudia Pickering