Official Selections for Freshflix Summer 2017 Season

Gee whiz it's been pretty bloody hot lately, but nowhere near as hot as our fresh Summer Season filmmakers! We're stoked to announce our official selection of independent shorts from across the globe with a mighty fine selection of local Aussie talent in there too.

They'll be screening across two stellar events (our banquet feast has already sold out!) so grab your tickets quick stat - but first, have a gander below....


Comedy, sci-fi
Director: Rico Herre (Germany)

A team of young amateur filmmakers is shooting a trashy science fiction film to submit to a festival -  with the director leading the way and relentlessly pushing his crew members.  He’s a dreamer believing in his vision, even if all the others aren’t.  Time flies, the sun is already setting, and pretty much everything seems to be going wrong.  Will they be able to meet the submission deadline?  And most of all: Is it going to be a good movie?


Student Short, comedy
Director: Zanyar Lotfi (Iran)

Technically the little girl simply just wants to do her homework. But when grandpa’s snores keep her little sibling from sleeping and it cries, things get a bit more complicated. But she has a good idea...


Action, comedy, crime, cel animation
Director: Tim Cant (Australia)

A short story about a dog and its unconditional love for its owner. 


Short comedy
Director: Jack Sambrook (United Kingdom)

Three friends drink in a pub lock in. Beer, wine and cocaine. 


Comedy, Fantasy
Director: Pierre Sabrou (France)

1920s style short movie. 1927, Charles met Marguerite, a beautiful washerwoman. By trying to seduce her, Charles triggers a series of unpredicted events that will separate them. He then finds himself in an unknown world...


Director: Michael Raso (Australia)

Margaret is an 80 year old widow who spends each day visiting her local train station. She pleasantly sits on a bench absorbing the surroundings which give her a lot of bliss. The staff are aware of her presence and give her something significant in an envelope, hoping she'll no longer return. What's in the envelope?


Director: Thomas Hudson (Australia)

On a beautiful cliff by the sea, Ruth and Ellen play a childish game in an attempt to settle an argument about responsibility. Pretty soon they're having so much fun that their argument is almost completely forgotten. That is until something completely unexpected happens, bringing old wounds to a head and causing Ellen to seriously question her relationship with Ruth.


Director: Ben Steel (Australia)

Lucy is an express tour through a heightened relationship that is formed when means meets motive and opportunity. It's a reflection on the pace and impatience of the modern world, and it explores complexities and desires that give birth to love. Lucy is a dark comedic love story.


Director: Michael Jones, Jackson Tozer (Australia)

Ben drives his Uber as a way to pay rent, meet interesting people and shamelessly promote himself as a comedian. Circling Melbourne city in hopes to pick up like-minded people, he is shortchanged for the uncomfortably eccentric.


Director: Nick Hunter (Australia)

Kate is seeing a psychologist to try and make sense of her life and her dating world. The psychologist gives terrible to no advice. Kate forges ahead and goes on a date with a conceited banker. Whilst trying to escape from his house quickly the next morning, Kate ends up hitting her psychologist with her car. Kate carries on with her day and works her babysitting job. The young girl she babysits is having trouble with a bully at school. Kate gives her charge advice and in doing so finds some clarity in her own life.

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