Q&A: Clare Sladden, 'Consent'

Tell us about you. What makes you tick? 

I am invested in telling stories that pack an emotion punch. I write interesting, flawed, complex characters with clear goals and emotional needs. I tend to explore my own issues and themes through my characters, which is often uncomfortable, but always cathartic. 

Why films? And why this film? 

Consent was conceived in a moment of darkness, and is intended to be a study on the psychology of power, manipulation, entitlement and grief. My intent with Consent was to create an extraordinary situation and then treat it in a really ordinary, normalised way to heighten the discomfort and intrigue for the audience.  

What happened behind the scenes on this one?  

This was my first film, and we made it for around $2K. We worked with a cast of two and a crew of four, and the process was intimate and collaborative and ultimately transformative for all involved. We shot the whole thing in my apartment, and I had nightmares for weeks afterwards. 

When your dreams have all come true in five years time, where will we find you and what will you have made? 

You will find me living in Broken Head, but travelling regularly to Melbourne, Sydney and LA. I will have made my debut feature film, Broken Head, and I'll be working on my next feature. 

What's the best advice you've been given / would give to other independent filmmakers? 

Story, story, story. Your film can look great, but if the story isn't there, the audience won't care... also, never skimp on sound. 

Consent is an official selection film in our upcoming Film Festival with Vivid Ideas on Sunday June 4th in Sydney. Tickets available via Giant Dwarf

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