Q&A: Mathilde Nocquet, 'Love Road'

Tell us about you. What makes you tick? What keeps you up at night?

Mmm. My goal is to give joy. If during 3min, the people forget about their problems and feel transported into a new world, I’m the happiest director in the world. I love to watch the face of the audience!

Why films? And why this film? 

Because a film is complete immersion to a new world. And I love to create worlds (from Music to how people dress). I wanted to do this film for 2 things. First, I love that moment when you have your first kiss, your first time to make love. This is the simplest moment in life but the most dramatic as well. The second reason is I love the 50’s because there is something very candid. I love american teenage movies. So it was for me a way to make a tribute to this genre that I love. 

What happened behind the scenes on this one? Did you have to pull any wild favours to get it made? 

We have a tiny budget on that film. I remember the hardest part was to find a location that accept the car inside. When I found this amazing retro basket ball court, the association who own it, is called WILDCATS. The name so fit with the style of the film that I though it was a sign. I’m a bit superstitious for making films! 

When your dreams have all come true in five years time, where will we find you and what will you have made?

I hope in 5 years, I will do the promotion of my dream project. A quirky female bad ass western movie! I’m just starting to approach production company so finger crossed maybe one day it will come out!

What's the best advice you've been given / would give to other independent filmmakers?

I think it’s important to cultivate your own style. I remember the advice of a famous french football coach to his player: Work your strength and be the best at it. 

And of course, work a lot! 

Love Road is an official selection film in our upcoming film festival with Vivid Ideas in Sydney on Sunday June 4th. Another short of hers, Midnight Walk is featuring on Saturday 3rd June at our Ecstatic Cinematic event alongside a stellar line up of visual artists and electronic producers.

Tickets available through Giant Dwarf

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