Q&A: Chris Wilde, 'The Power Of Love'

Hey Chris. What makes you tick?

I am a reformed corporate lawyer trying to pay my penance with a more artistic life. Friends, family, food, footy, film and fun are what I live for... ironic really, as I hate alliteration. I actually sleep remarkably well. It's one of my best talents.

Why films? And why this film?

I am a social creature and really enjoy the collaborative crock-pot of film making. It's great to live in the imaginary world of writing then see ideas morph into something else with the talents of others.

This film just popped into my head. I think I wrote it in a day, then procrastinatingly re-wrote it to death over several months without changing much at all. I think the tone reflects my sensibilities: it's utterly silly, but has a bit of sadness, pathos and off-kilter viewpoint.

Give us the goss! What happened behind the scenes on this one? Did you have a budget? 

There was no budget. Everyone worked for free but the catering was outstanding (I scheduled a BBQ scene after lunch which was our leftovers).

The opening car crash scene we shot in the alley behind our office building in Marrickville affectionately known as "Dream Alley". On the morning of the shoot, we arrived to see the 'Artistic Collective' who live in the warehouse opposite had dumped rubbish all over the alleyway. The whole cast & crew were on rubbish cleanup before we could shoot. Then halfway through shooting a barefooted beard-man opened the warehouse garage door to dry his passport (WTF!?). He agreed to close the door for our continuity, and we agreed to keep an eye on his sodden passport left in a skanky Marrickville alley.

So where are you going to be in 5 years time? What's the dream?

A baby. One's only purpose is to procreate... and then live one's unfulfilled dreams through said offspring. Alternatively,  I have just finished my first feature script and working on my second, so hope to have one feature in the can and move from Producing/ Directing corporate jobs to film and TV.

Any advice for first time filmmakers?

No one should take my advice, but I think it's important to have a full life outside your creative sphere, which can really help every part of what you want to achieve. Also lead by example on set (or whatever you do) and don't be a dickhead.

The Power of Love is an official selection film in our upcoming film fest at Giant Dwarf with Vivid Ideas in Sydney on Sunday June 4. Tickets available via

Illustration by funny man Common Planet.

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