Q&A: Tchucango, 'Aisle 4'

Hey legends. Tell us about you. What makes you tick? What keeps you up at night?

Tourettes and insomnia, we're not kidding. Try pick which one has it. We are all moderately handsome actors who were basically sick of the slow opportunity in Brisbane so we decided to do something about it and start making our own films. 

Why films? And why this film?

We tried being adults, didn't work out. Thought we'd try make believe for a living. Turns out this also isn't working out....yet.

This film was made for Tropfest, ironically it's the only festival that hasn't accepted it so far. We love making films and we're passionate about the industry, and really wanna make some traction in the Australian market.

Any behind the scenes goss?

The three male leads were stuck in a weird love triangle that really shook the production to its core. We managed to capture that chemistry on screen evidently before things went hay wire and they all split. They are very uncomfortable about the break and would rather not talk about it. We've already said too much. 

The film cost us about $500 to make roughly which was great considering we are all out of work actors. The film was shot over 3 nights and we were lucky enough to grab a great location from an IGA located in east Brisbane. We joined forces with short stack productions, a small team also from Brisbane and smashed it out quickly. Everything went very smooth sailing which is generally unheard of when it comes to filming. We're super happy with the final product and the reception it's now receiving as this is our first of many films together. 

Got any advice for first time filmmakers?

For this one our initial response funnily enough was serious.

Just have fun. There's a reason you do what you do and if you're not enjoying it then why bother. You don't get paid much/at all so theres gotta be something getting you through. 

Aisle 4 is an official selection film in our upcoming film fest with Vivid Ideas in Sydney on Sunday June 4th. Tickets via Giant Dwarf.

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