Late Night Spookfest Official Selections - Freshflix x Vivid 2019

Blimey Charlie, the Freshflix fam have been curating a goosebump-inducing official selection of horror, thriller and creepy sci-fi films to follow our regular screening slot this year in a very special late night Spookfest! Sink your teeth into the Vivid Ideas Exchange at the MCA in Sydney and treat your eyeballs on some chilling delights (and stunning Vivid views) on Saturday June 8. Grab your tickets through Vivid HERE



Drama, Thriller

Director: Nina Buxton (Australia)

On her way home at night, a teenage girl encounters a man that wants her attention.



Horror, Comedy

Director: David Burrowes (Australia)

Donny loved his Granny and Granny loved her Donny, until one stormy night when it all changed.



Horror, Comedy

Director: Craig D Foster (Australia)

No one likes working late on a Friday night!.. Especially if it's a full moon and you happen to be a werewolf.



Sci-Fi Thriller

Director: Kailey and Sam Spear (Canada)

AIDCC28002025, known as CC, is an AID (Artificially Intelligent Device). She has been leased by Cloverhill Nanny Agency to Lena Howard to take care of her daughter, Adelaide. When a violent incident occurs between CC and Lena, an investigative team must determine what happened.



Drama, Thriller

Director: Robert Linsley (Australia)

For the Devlin family God is everything. When their eldest daughter disappears from their remote farm, the local cop sent to investigate is disturbed by what he uncovers.




Director: Dhruv Suri (Australia)

Things aren't as they appear, as a mother and daughter share stories about their day, while getting ready for bed.


House Guests

Thriller, Horror

Director: Tori Savage (Australia)

A couple’s weekend away quickly escalates into horror.

Melissa and Simon need an escape, they can feel the impact of their busy lives affecting their relationship. They organise a weekend away at a homestay in the country, giving them the chance to unwind and reconsolidate their love. On arrival, they are greeted by their host Tracy, a lonely, eccentric woman. As the weekend progresses, suspense rises, as things are not what they seem.


De Noche Y De Pronto (Suddenly One Night)


Director: Arantxa Echevarría (Spain)

Maria is quietly preparing dinner when the doorbell rings. Her new neighbor is desperate to get inside her house. Someone has broken into his apartment, and he left his cell phone at work. He needs to call the police. Maria hesitantly lets him in. Suddenly, a cell phone starts buzzing and it's not Maria's. This is just the start of Maria's nightmare...

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