Official Selections for Freshflix Winter 2016 Season

Although the weather says otherwise, winter is in fact here and that means we're gearing up for our next event! We have an incredible slate of local and international films, so make sure you sign up to find out where and when the event will be held! 

Now chuck on your winter woolies and feast your eyes upon the Official Selections for Freshflix Winter 2016 Season...

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Strange, Imaginative, and Surprising: In the Mind of Jelena Sinik

With Sydney's fantasitcal Vivid event illuminating the city, and the imaginations of Sydney-siders alike, we felt a little context on the people behind the moving lights was in order. 

This week we sat down with Jelena Sinik, an inspiring and talented animator and storyteller, Freshflix festival alumna and award winner, and UTS Masters of Animation student. She's participated in the colloborative work titled 'Creative Currency', which is currently being showcased on the walls of Central Park Broadway at this year’s Vivid festival.

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