our people

Freshflix began with a group of mates who wanted to show their work off to each other in a backyard.

That backyard now extends to all of Sydney.

claudia pickering

Claudia Pickering

Claudia is a Sydney-born Director whose projects have achieved local and international film festival acclaim. She loves film, art and music, and wanted to create a platform where the community can celebrate these things and each other… In real life. Like, hanging out together. Like a date. But lots of people. So more like a party.

jessica hamilton

Jessica hamilton

Jess suffers from FOMO, loves a good story and can surf backwards (but not on purpose). With a background in documentary, radio and festivals, she wanted to create unique events where people could have a bloody fun time watching quality films, while also providing an important platform to local and emerging storytellers, musicians, brewers and anyone going out on a limb to do their own thing.