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Since it’s inaugural event in a cliffside backyard in Freshwater, Freshflix has run twelve pop up film festival events, including two Emerging Film Conferences, in unique locations in Sydney, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Wollongong. Freshflix exists to; 

  • Support emerging filmmakers in the early stages of their career

  • Promote diversity within the Australian film & screen industries

  • Contribute to creative screen culture and alternative nightlife in our cities

  • Have a bloody good time

Freshflix events are a deliberate step outside of the traditional film festival format, by showcasing quality film talent in breweries, warehouses, cellar doors and creative spaces. With a solid dose of live music, live art, good food and drinks, handcrafted awards and a seriously laid back attitude, a Freshflix night is a party with your new best friends, with excellent films as a bonus.

our audience

Our event attendees are typically 18-45 years of age and consist of filmmakers & industry professionals, local creatives and community members with an interest in film, arts, culture and alternative nightlife. 

  • Strong female presence with 55-65% female attendees at events and 54% female followers on social media

  • 30% event attendance and film submissions from Australian film students

  • Broad online presence & reach: film submissions from 60+ countries, and events attended by interstate and regional Australians

  • Writers, Directors and film professionals in the early stages of their creative careers


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We love working with likeminded brands to put on unique, quality, top notch events. A collaboration with Freshflix can give you;

• Positive brand alignment within Sydney's creative industries
• Access to a loyal and creative audience around the country
• Bespoke leveraging opportunities at events, including creative activations and brand presence
• Involvement in media, PR and marketing rollout across social media, newsletters and events
• Building awareness and giving back to the creative community



On Saturday June 6th 2019 we will hold the eighth season of our Short Film Festival on the top floor of the Museum of Contemporary Art overlooking Sydney's Circular Quay on the opening night of Vivid Sydney!

We’re teaming up with Vivid to showcase a brand new season of Freshflix Short Film Festival, with awards, prizes and audience choice voting to 250 film industry, filmmaker + creative community attendees. There’ll be a spread of food courtesy of Vivid, a cash bar and live music on the night, with a freaky one-off late night of horror/thriller shorts to follow.

Opportunities exist for venues, brands or businesses to be an official partner or major sponsor for our 2019 Film Festival. We are keen to work out how a partnership can best benefit your targets and creatively compliment your brand's mission. Get in touch with us at hello@freshflixfest.com - let’s have a chat!